Online Doctor Consultation before Taking Xanax for Anxiety

online doctor xanaxBeing anxious is usually normal for most people and may occur due to work related stress, tests at school etc. Occasional anxiety is a routine part of life. Then what exactly is anxiety disorder?Anxiety disorders are a category of mental disorders categorized by strong feelings of panic and fear.  Restlessness, fear, panic attacks, fatigue and sleeping disorders are common symptoms which do not go away and if untreated, may actually worsen over time, affecting one’s performance at work, school, and even personal life.

A patient suffering from such mental disorders may consult online health practitioners who may help them further to delve deeper into their issues and find the right solution. There are several treatment methods employed to treat anxiety issues, some even combine physical therapy (counseling sessions, exercise) with medication.

Should one consult an online health practitioner for Xxanax prescription?
You must always consult an online health practitioner first, this is to basically determine if you are suffering from an anxiety disorder after all. The online health practitioner will review your entire medical history, habits, medication, surgeries undertaken and your symptoms to come to a conclusion. we have the best online health care professionals, who are able to treat the patients with the right medicine and correct dosage
So, if you are diagnosed with anxiety disorder, is the answer always Xanax? No, the online health practitioner may suggest either medication or physical therapy depending on the seriousness of your condition. Physical therapy (also called psychotherapy or cognitive behavior therapy) changes the ways patients think, behave and react to fearful situations. It also helps them learn and develop social skills vital for curing social panic disorders.
The online health practitioner may also recommend exposure therapy which focuses on certain activities or situations that patients have been avoiding, helping them overcome their fears. Exercise, imagery, and a statistical study called meta-analysis are often employed to review the combined effects of the treatment.
The online health practitioner may also recommend self-help groups, where one may be able to spend time with similar people, share their problems thereby also improving their social skills.
Xanax, an antidepressant is often prescribed for extreme cases of anxiety disorders and panic attacks. It has a rather quick action and provides immediate relief. Xanax is a prescription drug used for oral administration through compressed tablets (CT) and extended release (XR) capsules. Unlike physical therapy, Xanax has its own share of side effects causing patients to suffer from forgetfulness, clumsiness, reduced appetite, irritability, and fatigue.

At what stage are patients suffering from anxiety disorders prescribed with Xanax?
Online health practitioners often advise patients to use Xanax after purchasing the drug from renowned online pharmacies for a short period of time as the last resort, if physical therapy fails to deliver the desired results. The online health practitioner may prescribe a specific dosage of Xanax to provide a quick symptomatic relief to the patient. But remember that taking Xanax can only get so you far and it may alleviate your symptoms in the short term but in order to aid long-term recovery, you may still have to undergo physical therapy involving plenty of exercise and counseling which helps you reduce stress and anxiety and lead a healthier lifestyle.