Online Pharmacy Laws and regulations in the US

Online Pharmacy Laws and regulationsOnline pharmacies can fill orders over the internet, yet with limited freedom and by abiding by the restrictions stated below. In this blog, you can find answers to a number of questions that you did not know whom to ask which are related to the laws and regulations in the US that govern the operation of internet based drugstores. These regulations are necessary so as to regulate the operation of the online pharmacies in the right manner and in the process also attempt to avert any counterfeit or illegally running drugstores over the internet. These days, with internet technology improving profoundly, there are also many illegitimate digital drugstores on the rise which furnish cheap or spurious drugs to customers that can deteriorate the health of the user.

Should the pharmacies be located physically in the US?

According to US’s Food and Drugs Administration, importation of prescription drugs is illegal. Therefore, the pharmacies that operate via the internet have to be there physically in the US. Further, most of the state laws also require this. You can check more with your area pharmacist or a doctor and also learn from them how to procure drugs online.

Should the pharmacy be licensed in the US?

Absolutely yes. All the states require this definitely as there is no federal licensure; instead the license is at the state level. Any internet pharmacy that is offering drugs to be shipped to a particular state has to be licensed there, not necessarily be located at that place.

Is it possible for non US pharmacies to furnish prescription medications to patients in US?

This is certainly not possible and is also illegal to do so. The FDA states clearly that importation of prescription drugs is illegal. If you are in requirement of certain medications, then you can check for the same by browsing the various available online pharmacies over the internet and find out the one that can furnish you genuine drugs and in the legal way.

Do internet pharmacies allow the customers to just fill a form instead of visiting the doctor in person?

Generally, this is not actually possible. If any online drugstore permits the patient to obtain drugs just by filling out a form without meeting a physician in person, then it is deemed to be illegal. However, one can get an online prescription via online consultation wherein a doctor, well qualified and licensed attends to you over the digital platform and assess your medical condition by asking you a few questions. You might then be prescribed for the drugs that can treat your medical condition and with this online prescription, you can get the drugs you need over the digital pharmacy by placing the order online in the required numbers.

Certain resources that are in regards to the US internet pharmacy laws

US Food and Drugs Administration– Users can check if a drug is approved by the FDA and can also get to know about the authenticity and quality of the medication here.

National Association of Boards of pharmacy, shortly known as NABP, which accredits a pharmacy after VIPPS check i.e. Verified Internet pharmacy practice sites. This helps users to distinguish between the real and the fake sites.

LegitScript– One can verify the legitimacy of the online pharmacy at LegitScript and become sure of the place over which you are going to order your medications.

First of all, are internet pharmacies allowed?

Well, this is an important question. Internet pharmacies are permitted, however only with certain limitations. These limitations are only to prevent illegal business with medicines.