Hope House Dedication Day Pictures

June 9, 2002

Dsc00053 Estimated 500 supporters and family members were in attendance Dsc00100 Dr. John Potts, Pediatric Medical Director for Hope House, offers the closing prayer.
 Dsc00066 Of the chairs present on stage, two were left empty in honor of the passing of Dura Dyer on Saturday, June 8, 2002 Dsc00104 Shade was a welcome commodity
Dsc00058 Dsc00106
Dsc00057 Dsc00107
Dsc00056 Dsc00108
Dsc00059 Dsc00109
Dsc00063 Hope House children and their families hope_h20
Dsc00064 Dsc00114 One of the Hope House care rooms
Dsc00065 Executive Director Mike Sorrow with opening remarks hope_h24 Focal point of our children’s wing is the salt water aquarium donated by D.R. and Patty Grimes
Dsc00066 Dsc00116 All of the playground equipment is specifically designed for children with special needs
Dsc00067 Dsc00117 Paint easel with wheel chair access
Dsc00072 Dr. Byron Harper, Jr. provided the opening prayer. Dsc00118
Dsc00073 Southland Choral Group Dsc00120
Dsc00121 Swing designed for children with special needs
Dsc00076 Truet and Jeannette Cathy Dsc00122
Dsc00077 Jimmy Donavan and Charles Pike Jr. Dsc00123 Murphy Carlton, grandson of staff member Janice Wright, enjoys the new swing in the children’s play area
Dsc00078 Many enjoyed seeing God’s blessings revealed in the opening of Hope House Dsc00123
Dsc00079 Dsc00113 Hope House family room
Dsc00081 Jimmy Donavan, senior pastor of Southwest Christian Church. Dsc00128 Children’s activity area with multi-sensory
hope_h45 Charles Pike, Jr. Chairman of the Board, introduces the honorees Dsc00129 Banner welcomes visitors at the side entrance of Hope House
hope_h49 Jimmy and Oleta Collins receive honoree gift Dsc00136 Display provides information on the Hospice and Hope House ministries
hope_h51 Truet and Jeannette Cathy receive honoree gift Dsc00137 Display featuring the 2002 Annual Banquet with Shirley Dobson on Saturday, November 9, 2002
Dsc00089 Ribbon cutting ceremony hope_h54 Information concerning past and present Annual Benefit and Award Banquets
Dsc00066 Mr. and Mrs.Cathy cut a ribbon opening the Cathy Children’s Garden and Play Area Dsc00136 Hope House campaign information
Dsc00066 Mr. and Mrs. Collins cut a ribbon opening the Collins Respite Center/Hope House Dsc00137 Displays welcomed guests to the main entrance of the Collins Respite Center and Dyer Hospice Center
Dsc00066 In absence of Jim and Dura Dyer,  Jimmy Donavan cut a ribbon opening the Dyer Hospice center Dsc00136 Flowers donated by Dr. McLelland
Dsc00089 Dsc00113
Dsc00094 Ribbon cutting ceremony marks the culmination of a $7 million Hope House campaign under the direction of Mike Sorrow, Executive Director