A History of Hospice

The word “hospice” describes a unique concept of care that was developed to help patients and their families deal with life-threatening illness. English in origin, the hospice philosophy has become the basis worldwide for specialized health care programs that focus on the unique needs of terminally ill patients and their families.

Southwest Christian Hospice began in June 1983 as a mission ministry of Southwest Christian Church in East Point, Georgia. A small staff and many loving volunteers faithfully served the hospice during the first four years when only in-home care was provided. Through God’s goodness, the hospice inpatient facility was opened in January, 1987, becoming the first full-service inpatient/homecare hospice in the state of Georgia, offering this “special way of caring” at no charge to patients and their families. Since that time, many other churches, individuals, civic groups and community organizations have joined hands with us in support of this much-needed ministry.

When Life Comes Full Circle

Southwest Christian Hospice fulfills the spirit of the hospice philosophy by helping each patient live as fully as possible, supporting the family unit of care and keeping the patient at home as long as appropriate.

Our Hospice Homecare Services extend to five south metro Atlanta counties, including South Fulton, Fayette, Coweta, Clayton and Henry.

When the intensity of physical and emotional stress on both the patient and caregivers requires around-the-clock assistance, our Hospice Inpatient Care Center is available. Referrals for inpatient care come from the entire metropolitan Atlanta area, as well as other areas throughout the state of Georgia and the Southeast.

Situated on seven beautifully wooded and landscaped acres, the twelve-bed hospice facility provides physical and emotional support in a homelike environment.

Rooms are comfortable and attractively furnished, featuring floor-ceiling windows, which overlook serene wooded grounds. A sunroom with an inviting decor along without beautifully landscaped “Garden of Hope” offers families and friends quiet places to relax.

A Time for Coming Together

Our “special way of caring” makes a very difficult time one of “coming together”… rather than one of “coming apart.” Southwest Christian Hospice is a sanctuary for terminally ill patients and their families who need to find inner peace and dignity, as well as the best in hospice health care in their remaining days. It is a nurturing and accepting environment with high standards of quality of life … a haven where families and friends can be assured their loved ones are receiving the best care possible. It is a retreat in which all involved can gather to gain spiritual strength and support for one another.

Compassionate Caring for People Who Need Us

Most people do not want to die alone in a sterile, impersonal surrounding, hooked up by tubes to machines and cut off from their family and friends and everything that’s familiar. Nor do they want to die in pain. They would prefer, if possible, to spend their last days a home or in a home-like environment, alert and free of pain… among the people and things they love.

Southwest Christian Hospice is dedicated to making this possible. The goal of Hospice is to support the patient and family in three ways: physically, emotionally and spiritually.

The hospice support team operates as an “extended family.” The team works under the advisement of the patient’s primary physician, who recommends the best framework for the plan of care. The care team is comprised of physicians, nurses, counselors, social workers, clergy, volunteers, and home health aides. Combined, this interdisciplinary team produces a network of compassion for the patient as well as the best clinical care possible.

Southwest Christian Hospice depends solely upon the generous, loving gifts of individuals, churches, businesses, civic groups and foundations to provide our services at no cost to our patients and families. We welcome your financial support.

As a regular supporter of Southwest Christian Hospice, you will join hands with the growing circle of friends who bring our “special way of caring” to the community.

Southwest Christian Hospice is a non-profit ministry. Donations to the Hospice Ministry are tax deductible.

The Hospice also appreciates lasting, planned gifts such as securities properties, insurance and gifts of trusts or bequests. In addition to supporting Hospice financially, many people enjoy investing their time, talent, and expertise as Hospice volunteers. Hospice offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities.

Contributions to Southwest Christian Hospice take many forms. Regardless of how you give, your gift will help to insure that Hospice’s “special way of caring” will always be available for those who need it.

How Hospice Works

Physicians refer patients for hospice care. Working together, the patient/family, and Hospice service create and follow, an individual care plan. Adopting the family and patient as a single unit of care, the plan seeks to provide the patient with maximum quality of life, surrounded by friends and loved ones. Bereavement support continues for up to one year following death.

Hospice Services

Each hospice patient/family has special needs and requirements, therefore each care program is unique.

Individual services may include:

Regular nursing visits

  • On-call nursing at all times
  • Physicians managed care
  • Family training for patient care
  • Home health aide services
  • Social services/counseling
  • Pastoral support/counseling
  • Support services by trained volunteers
  • Access to family respite care
  • Family bereavement support